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What Are Exfoliators?

Exfoliators are small mechanical exfoliators which are used to refine the epidermis by removing dead, rough, dry surface cells. These may contain micro-fine grains, crystals and natural minerals. In a mechanical exfoliator, the applied pressure forces the superficial rough layer of the cells on to the next higher level of cell layer. Chemical exfoliators also work by physically scuffing away the dead surface cells but use enzymes instead of physical sloughing to do it. Chemical exfoliators are a good choice for severely moisturized skin, has little to no reaction with other skin products, and works well on normal to oily skin.

How to Know Exfoliators?


Normal scrubs are designed to be gentle and effective. However, in order to achieve the maximum results, they should be done gently and with the proper ingredients. Normal scrubs are often too harsh and are designed only to provide exfoliation. The harshness of scrubs makes many people avoid them or just stop using them altogether. Fortunately, there are now exfoliators on the market which are designed to be gentle enough to use on normal to dry skin, but still effective enough to provide the exfoliation that people desire without causing excessive skin irritation.

Exfoliators are a variety of exfoliators including peels, astringents, toners, masks, and exfoliating pads. A peeling agent, usually glycolic acid, can help get rid of dead skin on the face and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, the acid also has a drying effect and may damage the environment around the skin. Toning agents like lactic or salicylic acids are designed to exfoliate without damaging the outer layer of skin.

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