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Knuts What’s New

Knows what is Knows What’s newest creation, Knows What’s new series of respirators and masks called Knows What’s Knows Masks. This brand from Knuts channels the art of traditional Japanese ceremony of the shamisen. A very unique technique that knutsai practitioners use is to mix clay with ink and place it into a mould. Once it is done, it will be folded into a certain shape that has a certain symbolic meaning. This method is used to create masks that have great depth and are very detailed. Find out –

Knuts That Will Protect You

There are different sizes of kn95 masks in the Knuts what series, so there are different size options for every person who wants one. There are small ones to cover the mouth and nose, mediums that cover the entire face, and large kn95 masks that are used to cover the head entirely. They come in different colors, and there are ones made of multiple layers of materials. The more layers of material, the heavier it gets, but it also means that the particles created are smaller in size, which also means that the particles are smaller in number. The smaller particles have a greater concentration of harmful germs and viruses.

The Knuts what series of masks is truly designed to protect the wearer. It also protects the environment by reducing air pollution and particulates. There are even some kn95 masks that can be used as N95 respirators. These N95 respirators are required for those who are assigned to work in areas that have high amounts of dust, such as construction zones and factories. This type of mask is designed to filter and trap small dust particles so that they do not become airborne, which would be harmful to everyone.

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