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IPAF Training

ipaf training

IPAF training gives you the knowledge and skills to identify hazards and implement rescue plans in the event of an emergency. This is extremely important if your operator becomes stuck. You will know exactly what to do to free the trapped operator and get them back to the workplace. The following sections describe IPAF training in more detail. Read on to find out more. IPAF Training. Click here –


 The Most Comprehensive Course in the Industry

IPAF MEWP training ensures that operators use the equipment in a safe and effective manner. They understand how to position the equipment correctly and how to use harnesses and lanyards. They also understand the potential hazards involved when operating MEWPS, such as the need to wear a safety harness. In addition to IPAF training, IPAF also provides training for all types of MEWPS. Training is available for different machines and IPAF offers achievement testing.

IPAF courses will teach you to operate power access equipment and become familiar with Working at Height Regulations. Successful candidates will be given a Powered Access License, also known as a PAL card. This license will help you understand and implement a rescue plan. You can benefit from IPAF training as an operator or manager. All IPAF courses are a requirement to operate any power access equipment. You can attend IPAF training courses for scissor lifts, boom lifts, mast climbing platforms, and more.

IPAF courses are delivered through IPAF approved centres throughout the world. These centres regularly audit their teaching standards to ensure they deliver the best training. IPAF training is targeted to service technicians, operators, managers, demonstrators, installers, and instructors. Work at Height Regulations require employers to ensure workers are competent and supervised, and IPAF training is essential for operators of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. It is a legal requirement for all workers in the UK to receive IPAF training.

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