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Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service Singapore is provided by various licensed private hospitals and public health institutions in Singapore, as well as by the government. There are several authorized public and private health units that provide the services under the category of Disinfection Service. These include the National communicable Disease Control Centre (NCDC), the Health Corporation (HHC), the Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) and the National AIDS Prevention Program (NAPIT). The NAPIT is a part of the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Development Branch. The facilities offered by Disinfection Service Singapore include the following:

Specialist disinfection services

Disinfection Service is a term used for the cleaning of medical facilities in Singapore. A clean and hygienic environment is very important to the survival of any disease-infected patient and thus all hospitals in Singapore to take up a strong policy to ensure that this is so. The disinfection methods employed vary from hospital to hospital, depending on the hygiene levels at the respective institutions.

Disinfection Service Singapore is also undertaken by the medical staff in the hospitals in a targeted area, hence there are cases when the service becomes more than just a routine one. For instance, the use of biological safety cabinets (BSCs), biological safety containers (BSCs) and other similar equipment is common during cross-contamination or before patients are admitted to hospitals. Such BSCs are designed in such a way as to minimize cross-contamination so that the chances of bacterial or viral infection are minimized. It is also common for the doctors to instruct the patients to wash their hands after performing some common activities such as removing the decontamination and cleansing materials from the bathrooms and washing the infected areas.

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