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Choosing Between the Two Basic Types of Modern Doors

Choosing Between the Two Basic Types of Modern Doors

Modern doors, Grand Entry or ones that incorporate an updated and contemporary aesthetic, are quickly becoming a staple in home design as many homes are being modernized and redesigned. As more houses are being modernized, many property owners, renters, and investors are opting to replace old interior and exterior doors with modern doors instead. While it is true that older, traditional doors may be unsightly, outdated doors can be replaced with sleek and modern ones that are eye-catching and will compliment any home. There are a variety of different styles and designs available when it comes to this type of door, which means you will have plenty of options available to make your home one that people will want to visit.


One of the most popular types of modern doors are those that are a combination of wood and glass. These types of interior doors are commonly referred to as rustica, and are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who are seeking an upgrade. Rustica interior doors feature a combination of wood panels and a glass panel on the middle, which give the entryway a nice clean lines and modern appearance. Other examples of rustica doors include ones made of metal and glass. These doors tend to be made of a higher quality than their counterparts and offer a more durable design option.


A front door that is modern doors can provide homeowners with a sleek and modern appearance, which is one of the main reasons why they are so popular among many individuals. One of the most common features of rustica is a smooth transition between the interior door and the exterior front door. This smooth transition allows for an easy cleaning process between the two, especially if the homeowner uses a mild detergent to wash their exterior door before installing the modern door. Additionally, there are numerous hardware options available in a modern door, which provides additional aesthetic appeal. Choosing between the various hardware options available can allow you to create an attractive and modern look that will not date over time.

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