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Choosing A Reclining Lift Chair

There are several reclining lift chairs on the market today, including those manufactured by Sunshine Coast Products. The most popular model is the Remstar R LS series. It is an upright design and was designed to fit in the most convenient spots in a home. The chair is made of heavy duty industrial strength aluminum and features a full recline which gives it great support. The frame is powder coated so it looks like it was made from a car.

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reclining lift chair sunshine coast


Many people use their reclining lift chair sunshine coast on a daily basis because of the convenience it provides. The best way to store the chair is against the wall so it doesn’t move and get damaged. The box spring should be sealed tightly and can be removed for cleaning or replacing. Most products have a 10-year limited warranty, so if there is a defect it can be replaced.

The reclining lift chair is also great for use in the home because of its versatility. The box spring can be collapsed and the chair fits behind the bed so that there is no clutter. The armrests are fully reclined so the user can lay back completely while still being comfortable. The chair folds flat so the user can take it with them in the car or put it in storage.

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