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Auger Drill Bit – A Bit For Every Job

auger drill

An auger drill is a very versatile machine to drill different materials or hard surfaces, including metals (aluminum, brass, steel) and woods (pine, cedar). It has a helical screw thread that turns, resulting in a sharp, rotating point, which is used to cut holes. An auger drill is often used in conjunction with a drill press or a power drill. The term “auger” is French, referring to the auger drill.

TypesAn auger drill bit can be made from a variety of materials including steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum and titanium. Each material produces different results. For example, steel bits tend to be very smooth and drill very deep, but they can rust easily. Bronze bits are rougher and tend to give off a louder noise while drilling, but they can drill at greater depths than steel bits. Aluminum bits tend to be stiffer than steel bits, yet can still give off a great deal of torque, and can also drill into soft woods and metals without problems. Copper bits are light weight but can produce louder sounds than other types of bits, and can be drilled through larger diameter materials with little problem.


Size and SpeedMost modern auger drill bits can perform all standard drilling jobs, with some variation in performance for different projects. However, certain tasks require a bit that is able to work a little faster than others, at a particular cost. Most auger drill bits have a minimum speed of 200 rpm, but some can run even faster. Some bits also tend to be more expensive than others, so it is important to get a bit that works well with the budget one has set for drilling. Some bits are designed specifically to work better on certain materials than others.

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